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Adding the question “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?” to intake/enrollment/health history forms allows for more informed treatment/care planning and the ability to identify optimal and specific military/veteran-specific referrals/resources.

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The NH Legislative Commission on PTSD and TBI conducted a survey of NH Veterans to identify barriers to military-veteran populations accessing needed care. When asked why they were not getting the help they need, Veterans identified that one of the biggest challenges is not feeling understood by the providers who serve them.

There are 100,000 veterans living in New Hampshire, and it’s the 5th largest veteran population per capita in the nation. For a variety of reasons, only 30,000 receive their healthcare at the VA Medical Center. Not all veterans are eligible for care through the Veterans Administration and some veterans choose not to seek care there. The Ask the Question Campaign was designed to educate and engage civilian service providers in better understanding and providing support and care to our military.

Adding the question “Have you or a family member ever served in the military?” to intake/enrollment/health history forms opens the conversation between military experience and presenting problems and needs. Opening the conversation about military experience allows for more informed treatment/care planning and the ability to identify the optimal and specific military/veteran-specific referrals/resources.

Access the Ask the Question website for resources you, or your organization, can use to better serve NH Veterans.  Valuable resources such as the Ask the Question Toolkit and the Military & Veteran Family Resource Guide and Educator Supplement are available on the website.

Go to the Ask the Question website  


Video Series links to be active soon, also available at:  "Ask the Question" Web Series - YouTube


Ask the Question Video Series

This 10-part video series discusses why you should ask the question:  "Have you or a family member ever served in the military?" and is designed to supplement the "Ask the Question" Toolkit. 

Ask the Question:  Introduction

Ask the Question:  History of "Ask the Question" in New Hampshire

Ask the Question:  Military Health History & Other Important Questions

Ask the Question:  Stigma & Discrimination

Ask the Question:  Who are VSMF?

Ask the Question:  When the Answer is "Yes"

Ask the Question:  Building a Team

Ask the Question:  Ask with Strategic Intent

Ask the Question:  The Searles Family Story

Ask the Question:  Opportunities to Collaborate



Organizations and providers implementing strategies to Ask the Question: Ask, Link, Collaborate will find valuable and informative resources on this page.  


Ask, Link, Collaborate--Starting & Sustaining

A checklist for internal, organizational teams to use in order to evaluate and identify opportunities for ATQ to be operationalized in the organization's policies, practices and procedures. Operationalizing ATQ is the key to sustaining it! 


Ask the Question Toolkit

This comprehensive guide provides recommendations, educational information and tools for organizations to use when implementing Ask the Question.   This version is a newly available version that expands on the original version.  


Military Culture Training Options

There are a variety of options to choose from to educate staff on military culture and the needs of Service members, Veterans and their families.  This handout outlines some options available to the organizations participating in the Technical Assistance Program.  Contact Amy Cook to discuss your specific needs.  


NH's Online Training Portal 

New Hampshire collaborated with PsychArmor to launch a NH Online Training Portal for providers in the state who are seeking military culture and suicide prevention training.  PsychArmor is a national nonprofit organization that provides education and training to improve the health and life outcomes of military-connected individuals through the use of data-driven and evidence-based virtual training courses that help to enhance the level of connection between civilians and military-connected people. The portal’s course list was carefully curated by experts in the field working at the Veterans Administration and SAMHSA.  CEUs can be obtained for some of the courses.

Click on the title above for a flyer that lists the available courses. 

You can access the portal by using the following link.  When registering, indicate you are part of the NH Governor’s Challenge Team as this is the initiative through which the portal was created.  

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For more information about these resources, please contact the Division for Community Based Military Programs. 


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