Community Based Military Programs

By providing awareness, resources, and technical support services, the NH Division of Community Based Military Programs works to create an environment of cooperation & collaboration among community service providers, New Hampshire schools, civilian and military groups in order to ensure Service Members, Veterans and their families have quality services & supports necessary to be strong, resilient and successful.

The mission of the Division of Community Based Military Programs is to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with military and civilian provider groups to promote the delivery of quality health care services to New Hampshire Veterans, Service Members, and their families.


The Division of Community Based Military programs was created in 2008 as a Bureau at the NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  Nationally, it was the first of its kind operating in a state Health and Human Services department with the purpose of helping to facilitate military and civilian partnerships.

In 2019, the Bureau of Community Based Military Programs moved to the Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services and became the Division of Community Based Military Programs (CBMP). 


Approximately 99,249 Veterans live in New Hampshire and the number is steadily declining each year. One-third are from the Vietnam Era, and over 51% are 65 years of age or older, compared with 15% of the civilian population. The second largest group of Veterans is from the Gulf Wars, with over 7,000 coming from post-9/11 service. Only approximately 30,000 of these NH Veterans utilize a VA Medical Center, which is a prime example of why the civilian sector needs to be engaged in service to our Veterans.

New Hampshire has been recognized nationally for strong military and civilian partnerships throughout the State.  The Division of Community Based Military Programs is actively engaged in encouraging civilian health care providers to learn more about military culture in order to better serve the veteran population and strives to provide the resources necessary for community providers to effectively meet the unique needs of NH Veterans, Service Members and their families.

Request the assistance of the Division of Community Based Military Programs for any of the following:

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Division of Community Based Military Programs Team


U.S. Army Colonel (RET) Brenton Fraser, Director

Erica Webb, Military Skills & Test Waiver Program Specialist

Shawn Jones, Veteran Housing & Wellness Program Specialist

Heather Smith, Grants Program & Resource Development Coordinator

Kimberly (Kim) Hillson, Program Assistant


Questions about the Division or community-based resources?  Contact Kim Hillson, Program Assistant and she will connect you with the appropriate person or resource to address your needs.  (603) 225-1286