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Military Records

Information about how to access military personnel records at the National Archives or at the Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services.

Military Records

Records may be obtained by one of the following ways:

National Personnel Records Center and obtaining a copy of SF180.

Send a request or complete/send a Record Request Form (TAGNH 24) to Peter Fortier at the address or email below.  All requests must include the following information:

  1. Type of record needed
  2. Veteran’s full name
  3. Service or Social Security Number
  4. Branch and dates of service, to include if person was enlisted or an officer
  5. Current mailing address, phone number, email address               

Mail to:

Department of Military Affairs and Veterans Services
Attn: Peter Fortier
4 Pembroke Road
Concord, NH 03301-5652

Historical Military Records and Information:

We are unable to conduct historical research which may be time consuming.  We invite those who desire to conduct their own historical research of military records to contact Peter Fortier at (603) 225-1380 to coordinate a date and time to do so.

Telephone 603-225-1200  Business Administration 603-225-1360