State Veterans Advisory Committee

Established legislatively, the NH State Veterans Advisory Committee continually evaluates the status of New Hampshire’s services to Veterans and participates in public dialogue on Veterans’ issues.

NH State Veterans Advisory Committee members


RSA 115-A:8 states that a veterans’ advisory committee be formed composed of two Senators appointed by the President of the Senate, two Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House and members of various veteran organizations. The members shall elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary from the committee membership.

On July 17, 2002, the first organizational meeting was called to order at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Concord, NH.  Elections were held in accordance with the governing RSA and the first SVAC Officers were elected.  The committee adopted bylaws as of June 8, 2004 to govern management and operation. These bylaws were most recently updated in February 2020.


The State Veterans Advisory Committee convenes on a monthly basis (with the exception of July-August) and regularly invites speakers and visitors representing a number of organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, to present information to help SVAC members in learning about the broad spectrum of services of importance to veterans.  
Legislators, especially prime sponsors of veteran related legislation, and their constituents are encouraged to participate, present and exchange views to inform and assist SVAC members in developing positions on matters important to the veterans of New Hampshire.
The Committee continues to work routinely with the VA, both VAMC’s (Manchester and White River Junction) and many of the state agencies who provide some measure of support for the NH veteran population.  We believe it’s critical to stay engaged with the various agencies and leaders in the state to obtain an accurate picture of New Hampshire’s services to veterans.

SVAC voting membership consists of nineteen (19) veterans’ organizations in the state of New Hampshire.  In 2008, the authorized number of voting organizations was reached and SB 15, introduced in the 2009 session, was adopted to increase the membership to a maximum of 20 organizations (plus the two legislative members from both the Senate and from the House).

Members of the Committee often participate in the public dialogue on veterans’ issues, either as the representatives of their veterans’ organization or as individuals.

SVAC Officers

Paul Lloyd, Chairman

Andy Patterson, Vice Chair

Denise DeBois, Secretary

Armand Soucy, Chaplain

Kelly Dobens, Treasurer

David Kenney, Chair Emeritus


The SVAC meets monthly, the 1st Tuesday of each month, 5pm-7pm.  Meetings are held in person at the Edward Cross Training Complex, 722 Riverwood Drive, Pembroke, NH.  Meetings are open for the public and invited guests to observe. Speakers are often invited to give brief presentations.

Meetings are posted on the legislative calendar.  
For more information about the State Veterans Advisory Committee or its meetings, refer to documents below or contact the Chair at

Meeting Minutes

Annual Reports

2023 Annual Report


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