Northeast Passage - Kayak Tour

Start Date: September 07, 2023
Start Time: 11:00 AM
End Date: September 07, 2023
End Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Barrington, NH

KAYAK TOUR – Mendum's Pond, Barrington, NH

TO REGISTER: Pre-registration is required. Please contact Northeast Passage at 603-862-0070 or or register online on our calendar. 

Come explore Mendums Pond, a 253-acre reservoir in beautiful Barrington NH! As a group we will explore some of the 253-acres of this NH gem.

NEP has a selection of single and tandem sit-inside kayaks, as well as sit-on-top tandem or pedal drive paddle craft.

Please contact a representative of NEP to discuss boat selection, adaptive equipment, transfer assistance, or mobility considerations so we may best meet your needs.

If you are requesting a tandem boat, please call the Northeast Passage office (603) 862-0070, to register. Due to limited tandem options, this is the best way to ensure the boat you need is available.

**Please review and acknowledge that you meet these essential eligibility criteria prior to registration,

Fees: $40 for singles or tandums, $5 if you have your own, $0 Veteran