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Military Cultural Competency Training

In New Hampshire, the majority of military Service Members, Veterans and their family members live, work, serve, go to school, play and seek healthcare in their local communities. It is imperative that professionals across all fields as well as businesses hiring Veterans have a working understanding of military culture and the unique circumstances that can result from military service.

Ensuring that military veterans and their families have access to high-quality mental health care is a national priority as well as a priority in New Hampshire.  A 2014 study conducted by the RAND Corporation found that only 8% of civilian mental health providers (not contracted by VA) nation-wide meet the study’s criteria to be considered competent with military and veteran culture and their training and experience treating posttraumatic stress disorder and depression.   As a result, members of the military and veteran community often feel misunderstood and reluctant to seek support. The need exists to better inform, educate and train not only mental health providers in New Hampshire, but also professionals in the fields of other healthcare, education, human resources, family services, and other social services in order to better serve Service Members, Veterans and their families.  Military Culture Trainings are available in multiple formats to bridge that civilian-military gap.

There are many resources available in New Hampshire and nationwide to any person or business desiring to enhance military cultural competency.  Contact the Division of Community Based Military Programs to learn more about options for meeting your training and education needs.  


Military Cultural Competency Trainings Recommended by DMAVS

DMAVS and its partners collaborated to compile a list of trainings recommended for a broad audience of providers, employers, school personnel and other professionals.  Refer to the list to learn what is recommended for your role.

Ask the Question

Navigate to the Ask the Question website to find additional toolkits and resources to enhance your military cultural competence and knowledge of resources available in New Hampshire for military & veteran families.

Division of Community Based Military Programs

Contact DCBMP to talk about your training needs - there may be options available to meet your unique training needs with little to no cost.  


Check out the Calendar of Events to see where Military Cultural Competency Trainings might be available in your area. 

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