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Ask, Link, Collaborate Technical Assistance Program

The New Hampshire Governor's Commission on Alcohol & Other Drugs authorized the use of state funds to implement a technical assistance program aimed at supporting practices and organizations to Ask the Question and operationalize its intent in policies and practices.


Ask the Question: Ask, Link, Collaborate Technical Assistance Program Info

In 2021, a pilot program will be available for 40 practices that assess, treat and refer Service members, Veterans and their families for substance use risk (primary focus being SUD providers).  The program will spread awareness of the importance of identifying Service members, Veterans and their families and how to effectively link them to appropriate treatment, services and resources in order to promote harm reduction and prevent substance use.  The program will last 12 months and include three phases--training, implementation, and evaluation.  


  • Free consultations & coaching to assist your leadership team to develop a plan for identifying and serving Service members and Veterans;
  • Free training for your staff;
  • Tools to help enhance the service you provide to Service members & Veterans;
  • Up to $1,500 to assist with training or implementation costs;
  • Resources to supplement the services you provide to those in the Veteran community;
  • Ongoing professional development & networking opportunities;
  • NH Veteran-Friendly Provider recognition by the Department of Military Affairs & Veterans Services.

Background & Intent  

This pilot program includes components from past, successful programs in NH--the CMHC Military Liaison program & NH’s ATQ Campaign.  In October 2020, the Joint Military Task Force sought approval for this pilot program recommendation which aims to make explicit, structural systems change in the areas of practices and resource flows; semi-explicit systems change in the area of relationships & connections; and implicit, transformative systems change in the area of mental models (stigma).  By affecting change in these areas, improvements in behavioral health outcomes for SMVF leading to a downward trend of substance misuse in this vulnerable population over time is expected.


Organizations, practices, agencies or businesses that identify, refer, assess, and/or treat Service members and/or Veterans for substance use risk will be eligible to participate.  Applications will be available on this site when enrollment opens.


Phase 1: Preparation and Enrollment
Applications for participation will be reviewed and enrollment of up to 40 eligible participant organizations will follow. Each enrolled organization will have access to funds up to $1,500 that can be used to support staff participation or implementation of program recommendations.  

Phase 2:  Military Cultural Competency & ATQ Training
Virtual training for identified staff at all enrolled provider organizations will be held on multiple dates to accommodate varying schedules.

Phase 3:  Implementation
Enrolled organizations will participate in at least one consultation with the Division of Community Based Military Programs to facilitate implementation of changes & data collection for the pilot program. During the consultation, a plan will be developed outlining how the organization intends to implement recommended changes.  If additional consultations or other forms of technical assistance are necessary for successful implementation, it will be noted in the organization’s plan.

Phase 4:  Evaluation & Recognition
Participating organizations that successfully complete program requirements will be recognized as NH Veteran-Friendly Providers and have access to the benefits available to NH Veteran-Friendly Businesses.  To sustain changes, staff at participating organizations will also have the option to engage with a military/Veteran service provider Community of Practice post-program.  

For more information

Contact Amy Cook, [email protected] for more information.

Ask, Link, Collaborate Technical Assistance Rack Card

Applications will be available on this site when enrollment opens.